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VRsus guARdian is a networked, stealth-based game between AR and VR. The game utilizes ARKit to scan the room around the player and builds a shared world where both players can interact with one another. The game sets a 'VR Player' who's trying to steal a relic against an 'AR Player' who uses an iPad to set up traps and search for this thief.

The game is built using C#, Unity, Unity's HLAPI (for networking), and ARKit

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Install instructions


  1. Download the zip and run the executable
  2. Make sure you're connected to the same network as the iPad (the other player) and type in their IP Address and start the game
  3. To start the game as VR, make sure you have a VR headset connected. (SteamVR may be required)

Possible issues

Collisions detection in VR may not always work properly 


  1. You can get this on the app store
  2. Make sure that you're on the same network as the PC client and start the game.


VRsus guARdian.zip 29 MB

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